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Expert Gardener and Passionate Writer

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A brief introduction

Landscaping Expert Open to Collaboration

Glen ChandlerHello, I’m Glen Chandler, an exceptional gardener with a wealth of experience that spans over 15 years in garden maintenance, design, and a variety of landscaping services. My journey with plants and green spaces started when I was just a child, fostering a deep-seated passion that has grown and flourished throughout the years. Today, I am proud to say that this passion permeates every aspect of my work and personal life, as I continue to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to the world of gardening and landscaping.

Proficiency and Skills

1) Landscape Design and Planning   2) Horticultural Knowledge   3) Technical Writing 
Current Project

Evergreen Seeds Website

At Evergreen Seeds, I take on the role of a principal writer, leveraging my extensive experience in landscape design and plant cultivation to create comprehensive guides tailored for beginner gardeners. My writings aim to demystify the complexities of gardening, making the process accessible and enjoyable for all. Through this platform, I am thrilled to contribute to a community where learning flourishes and the passion for gardening blooms.

More Work


“As the founder of this project, I can confidently say that Glen Chandler’s involvement has been nothing short of a blessing. His expertise and passion for gardening and landscaping have immensely elevated our content, providing depth and authenticity that truly resonates with our audience.”

Paolo Della Santa

Smart Digital Asset S.r.l.

“Working with Glen on reimagining my garden landscape was an absolute delight. His attention to detail, extensive knowledge of plants, and creative design skills transformed my outdoor space into a breathtaking sanctuary. I am endlessly grateful for Glen’s dedication and expertise, and I couldn’t be happier with the stunning results!”

Luise Sutton